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Front Wheel Mover


Australian made motorbike dolly
rusted by many Australian bike riders for over 10 years


The Front Wheel Mover Add-On extends the functionality of the Mover 300 and 400 series such that the entire bike is raised off the ground, providing full maneuverability. 

It does this by providing an additional platform for the front wheel of the motorbike, which is connected to the Mover 300 plate with an adjustable telescopic pipe. The system can be used with bikes of many sizes, as both the pipe length and moving plate position are adjustable.



-Supports up to 150kg at the front wheel

-2 total-lock twin swivel ball-bearing castors

-225 X 260mm platform area

-Adjustable to suit different bike lengths

-Gives full maneuverability

-Electroplated steel

Fitting the Front Wheel Mover Add-On

The L bracket is mounted to the castor mounting bolt on a corner of the mover. The pipes are then attached and secured using lynch pins. The moving plate can then be clamped onto the larger pipe and adjusted to the correct length.

Price: AU $157

Note: This product page is for the Front Wheel Mover Add-On only. Please ensure you own a compatible mover before purchasing. If you unsure, please contact us, we are happy to assist you.

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List price: $157.00
Weight: 10 kg