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Front Wheel Mover

SKU: MM-300P

Australian made motorbike dolly

rusted by many Australian bike riders for over 10 years


For all bikes with centre stand up to 45cm width and a weight up to XXXkg.

-High quality polyurethane ball-bearing total-lock twin swivel castors.

Non-slip felt mat.

Fully assembled.

-3 Year
 Replacement Warranty.


Areas of use:

Home - Garage - Workshop - Showroom


Storing both a car and motorbike in an already packed garage can often seem an unnecessarily complicated task, as despite most garages being long enough to fit a motorbike and car, it's not always easy to get your bike in the right spot. With the Motor Mover, you'll find utilising this space much simpler.

With the Motor Mover narrow driveways and garages are no issue, as it's simply a matter of parking your bike on the platform and enjoying 360 degree manoeuvrability.


Arranging and rearranging motorbikes becomes much easier with the Motor Mover, as bikes can be effortlessly manoeuvred even where space is limited.

How it works:

Place the Motor Mover in front of the rear wheel and lock the 4 swivel wheels. With the use of the centre stand, park your bike on the lowered platform. Unlock the swivel wheels and now you can move the bike freely into the desired space.

Suitable surfaces:

For the best results we reccomend using the motor mover on firm and smooth surfaces, such as concrete or tiled floors.

Technical Specifications: 

Centre Stand Area 450 x 220mm
Weight XXkg
Construction 8mm Steel
Finish Electro-plated
External Dimensions XXX x XXX x XXmm
Load Capacity XXXkg
Floor Clearance 7mm
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