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Motor Mover 300NS


Australian made Motorbike Dolly
rusted by many Australian bike riders for over 15 years.

I received the motor mover and side arm. I have put it together and it is the best thing ever. I am very happy with it and will be letting all my friends know where I got it. Thank you for your concern and speedy delivery." - Lester, NWS

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Many motorbikes do not come with a factory fitted centre stand.

The Motor Mover 300NS is our Motor Mover 300N (our nylon wheel model) with side arm, which attaches to the main frame of the Mover. This makes it possible for motor bikes without a centre stand to benefit from the increased mobility of the Motor Mover range.


Fitting the Side Arm to the Mover


The side arm adapter is mounted to the castor mounting bolt on a corner of the mover. The long arm is attached to the adapter and secured by a linch pin.


Technical Specifications: 

Centre Stand Area 450 x 220mm
Weight 18kg
Construction 8mm Steel
Finish Electro-plated
External Dimensions 580 x 450 x 70mm
Load Capacity 320kg applied at rear wheel
600kg total bike weight
Floor Clearance 7mm

Shipping Costs per Mover:

Courier to Metro Melbourne: $15.00
Courier to Metro Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra or Hobart: $28.00
Courier to Metro Brisbane or Perth: $42.00
For locations not listed above, please select "send me a shipping quote" at checkout.

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List price: $318.00
Weight: 18 kg